About Us

Hi, I’m Danial Owens – the sole blogger behind this sports site! My obsession with lacrosse, cycling, ultimate frisbee, and zip lining drives me to provide comprehensive blogging about these niche sports.

I grew up an athlete playing lacrosse from a young age all through college, where I was captain of the men’s lacrosse team. After graduating, I got into recreational road cycling and racing local criteriums. A friend introduced me to ultimate frisbee next, and I was instantly hooked on the fast-paced, strategic sport. For an adrenaline rush, I love zip lining on courses all over the country.

With my deep background as an athlete in these four sports, I’m able to provide true insider knowledge to fellow fans and participants. On my blog, you can expect to find:

  • Lacrosse news, player profiles, gear reviews, and my take on professional and college games.
  • The latest pro cycling race coverage, stories from my own races/tours, cycling gear testing, and training tips.
  • Ultimate frisbee tournament write-ups, features on star players, game strategy breakdowns, and rec league tips.
  • Zip lining competition updates, new course openings, equipment recommendations, and stories from my own zip line adventures.

I absolutely love playing and following lacrosse, cycling, ultimate frisbee, and zip lining. This passion drives me to blog frequently and comprehensively about developments and news within these niche sports. As a knowledgeable participant myself, I can offer a fun insider’s perspective that fellow enthusiasts will appreciate!