Beginner’s Guide: A Look at How Long is a Lacrosse Field?

Not only is Lacrosse sport full of versatility, but it’s also one of the oldest sports. The game entails using a crosse or lacrosse stick to both get hold of the ball, lift and then pass the rubber ball. All this is in a bid to score through shooting in the opponent’s goal. Lacrosse field dimensions vary depending on the various categories as will be explained later on.

You will normally find a lacrosse field measuring 110 yards long and 60 yards wide. With a closer look at the lacrosse field diagram below, you will notice that it’s divided into four areas. You will also agree that this cuts across the other categories. The four areas and their measurements will be explained later on.

Lacrosse field diagram

Beginner’s Guide: A Look at How Long is a Lacrosse Field?

Lacrosse field setup commences with the arrival time which is usually a maximum of 25 minutes. 7 cones are then put on the field together with 4 balls each on the end line. With the field ready and the setup is done, it provides a leeway for the game to kick off.

After the lacrosse field markings and the setup are in place, lacrosse field rules are then employed to bring order to the game. This includes the basic rules, ranging from lacrosse substitution rules, scoring rules, lacrosse men’s and boy’s rules, shooting rules, pocket rules, and stick length rules. Generally, each category has its own set of rules.

Lacrosse field dimensions

You might be wondering how long is a lacrosse field?  Well, to make it easier for you, let’s start by categorizing the zones for you to get the dimensions. The beauty of these zones is that they also define lacrosse field rules. These zones are; The offensive, defensive, wing, and mid-field areas.

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 Offensive area: It has similar measurements with the defensive area. They both have a wideness of 40 yards and a length of 35 yards.  They all have the restraining line, end, and wing line enclosing them. None of the categories has ever been reported to be different from this.

Wing area: If you have ever heard of the alley, then it is the same thing as the wing area. This area is usually 10 yards from the sideline and perpendicular to the line at the center. They have a wideness of 10 yards and tend to extend the field’s full length.

Midfield area: This usually has a length of 40 yards and 60 yards wideness.

Beginner’s Guide: A Look at How Long is a Lacrosse Field?

Based on NCAA lacrosse field dimensions, the NCAA men’s lacrosse field should measure 60 yards wide and a length of 110 yards. Whereas the NCAA women’s lacrosse field dimensions range between 110 to 120 yards long.

On this list is a regulation lacrosse field unified for boys and girls or rather a youth lacrosse field dimensions. This ranges between 110 yards long and 53 1/3 to 60 yards wideness between the sidelines. You will notice that most of these measurements are not so different from that of the various categories.

Worth mentioning on this list is the 7v7 lacrosse field dimensions. This is played on a field measuring 60 by 45 yards with both having two attackers and midfielders. Other than that there’s also a director whose core mandate is checking rosters and the waivers before every first game.

Women’s lacrosse field

Women’s lacrosse is one of the four official categories of lacrosse. It’s also known as lax and entirely depends on skills, unlike men who opt for brute strength. Since its establishment in the USA in 1926 by Rosabelle Sinclair, More women have continued to embrace the game.

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Women’s lacrosse field dimensions which are the same as girl’s lacrosse field dimensions differ as per the age of the players. The perimeter of the playing area is determined by visible guidelines. The standard dimensions range between 116 -140 yards long and 60 -70 yards wide.

Women’s lacrosse field diagram

Beginner’s Guide: A Look at How Long is a Lacrosse Field?

Men’s lacrosse

The men’s lacrosse field dimension is also referred to as the boy’s lacrosse field dimension. It usually has a length of 110 yards and a wideness of 63 ½ to 60 yards. The goals measure 80 yards apart with a 15-yard playing area behind the goals. You may have noticed a centerline and may be wondering what it’s all about, right. Well, it’s not just there as a lacrosse marking.

The centerline divides the length of the field with a crease measuring 18 ft drawn around each goal. Keep in mind that the game is normally played on a large rectangular field and the lacrosse field measurements are key. Without which, you are guaranteed no order at all. Lacrosse field markings are aligned to the lacrosse field rules.

Men’s Lacrosse field diagram

Beginner’s Guide: A Look at How Long is a Lacrosse Field?

Box lacrosse

It is also known as indoor lacrosse or boxia.  It is an indoor version of field lacrosse. Interestingly, the game always takes place on an ice hockey rink. Not only that but with the ice being covered by a green dieter turf carpet. The question of how is it a field though indoors still remains.

Typically, the box lacrosse field dimensions have a length of 180 – 200 feet with a wideness of 80 to 90 feet. The traditional goals measure 4 feet wide by 4 feet tall. When it comes to comparing box lacrosse vs field lacrosse, the obvious difference is that one is indoors and the other is outside.

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Other than that, the other difference is in their roughness and physical nature. Box lacrosse entails more contact and sticks plays that are not allowed in field lacrosse. Additionally, box lacrosse also has fewer players than field lacrosse.

Lacrosse field positions

Lacrosse field positions are aligned to the official categories of the game. Positions in Men’s field lacrosse are; attackmen, midfielders, defensemen, and goalies. Women’s lacrosse field also has the same positions.

Box lacrosse has the goaltenders, attackers, defenders, and transitions. There are other specialized positions in lacrosse which include; The face-off, Get-off (FOGOS), Long stick midfielders (LSMs), and Short Stick defense midfielders(SSDM)


So, you know know how long a lacrosse field is. It’s crystal clear that you will only know where to line up once you understand the size of a lacrosse field. Bet that the next time you are rooting for your favorite player, you won’t be a rookie. You will be having a perfect mental picture of the field and all the dimensions.


How is lacrosse different from field hockey?

Field hockey uses a curved stick when pushing the ball up the field. In lacrosse, you toss the ball between the nets that are usually joined to the sticks that the players hold. Apart from that, lacrosse has a smaller goal too.

Can you play lacrosse without marking the field?

No, it’s impossible to play without the markings since the markings act as a guide.

Are lacrosse rules important?

Yes, the rules ensure transparency and safety during the game. The game could be chaotic and unsafe without the rules.

Is lacrosse a full-contact sport?

Not all the categories of lacrosse are full-contact. Some like men’s lacrosse are full-contact sports because players have contact with their opponents. Unlike in women’s lacrosse where there’s minimal or no contact at all.