How To Fix A Cracked Lacrosse Head In Five Easy Steps

Whether you are an attacker or defender, it’s important to make sure that you have a lacrosse stick that performs well. But what If your lacrosse head got cracked? It can ruin your performance in the field, can’t it? 

Instead of getting a new one, you can play with the cracked lacrosse head If you fix this. You may have ever wondered how to fix a cracked lacrosse head? If you did, here are the tips and tactics to follow. 

A Glance On How To Fix A Cracked Lacrosse Head.

It’s impossible to imagine a lacrosse stick without its head. And a weak head shouldn’t perform well. 

Mostly, it’s made of plastic and more or less we all know how to fix cracked or broken plastic. It’s not tough nor an extensive process to repair a cracked lacrosse head. With some tools and equipment such as super glue, sticky tape, and epoxy you can fix it on your own.

Before You Begin

It’s better to check the warranty and replace a new one. If the warranty has expired, still you have hope and you fix it with just a few easy steps. Let’s look at the in-depth process of how to fix a cracked lacrosse head.

What You’ll Need

●     Drilling machine
●     Thin Wire
●     Blow dryer
● Superglue
● Epoxy
● A sticky tape
● Towel (if needed)
● Fiberglass cloth
● Fiberglass resin
● Hardliner

How To Fix a Cracked Lacrosse Head

1)  Super Glue It

Super glue can be a quick solution and a perfect adhesive to a cracked lacrosse head. Drop an adequate amount of glue between two sides of the crack and hold it tight. it will tremendously develop strength and make it as compact as it was before. 

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Don’t over-drop, it can mess up and end up being another problem for you. However, if you accidentally drop more, wipe them with the towel as soon as you can.

Leave the cracked parts as it is for at least 10 minutes so it creates a full band. The glue will be strong within a day. If you want to make it strong fast, you can use a blower to dry it out. 

One thing that you must consider is to choose the right super glue among many others on the market.

2)  Use Epoxy

The most reliable method to fix a cracked lacrosse head is epoxy. You can even choose epoxy over super glue for a tidy finish. But the fact is both the epoxy and super glue offer a very strong bond.

The difference between super glue and epoxy: The superglue comes as one substance. On the other hand, epoxy needs to be mixed with another substance called hardener.

3)  Use Sticky Tape Over It

Once the superglue is cured, wrap the tape over the cracked area to tighten more. wrapped tape might look awkward, in that case, you can use a blow dryer to shrink it.

I suggest using it only when you don’t have any option to replace your lacrosse head. Because it sometimes can not be allowed in the field. This way, it might crack it more.

Sometimes, you can fix a cracked lacrosse head with just a tape if the tape is extremely sticky. In that case, you should look at the measurement of the cracked area. The tape will work well if there is a tiny crack in the lacrosse head.

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4)  Use Drill And Wire 

Drill two holes on each side of the cracked area. Make sure the holes are as tiny as possible. Because the bigger the holes are the more chances to break them. 

Take a thin wire, weave it through the holes, and pylle the wire as tight as possible. Once you do it, you can use tape over it to cover the wired area. This fix might work well if your work is done precisely.

5) Use Fiberglass Cloth

You can use fiberglass cloth to fix cracked lacrosse heads. To do this, find necessary components such as fiberglass resin, hardener, fiberglass cloth, and sandpaper.

Take some fiberglass resin in a one-time glass or pot and mix one or two drops of hardener — and mix it up well.

Next, Cut out a few pieces of fiberglass cloth as the cracked area needs. The nice thing about the fiberglass cloth is it holds broken parts together.

Put the cracked parts back together like where they used to be and apply the fiberglass cloth over them. Pour over the resin, smear it, and give it one hour to dry.

Once it’s dried, apply sandpaper with a tool or your own hand and polish it.

The Final Words

Most people go for a new one instead of using a cracked lacrosse head. But if you are the one who wants to utilize the older one, this guide should work. Hope it helps.

And last but not least, follow the step-by-step process on how to fix a cracked lacrosse head. Don’t mess it up.

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Is It legal to play with a cracked lacrosse head?

Yes, If it goes well. But if the cracked area is considered as broken then It’s not. And a repaired head is legal just like a new one.

Can I Use a Broken Lacrosse head?

Yes, you can if there’s a sharp edge or fixed with glue or tape.

Can I use epoxy rather than super glue?

Yes, you can as it offers a tidy finish.

Can I use super glue rather than epoxy

Yes, you can. It’s an easy process rather than epoxy.

Should a defender fix a cracked lacrosse head

If the crack is considered too broken to play, then he shouldn’t.

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