Jared Bernhardt: Age, Height, Weight, and Net Worth

Jared Bernhardt is an American Lacrosse player who is introduced as one of the best players of all time. He starts his career-long ago from the school boundary. And the boy has come a long way since then.

Bernhardt is now not only one of the greatest players in the USA, but also he is the best player in the world. He has led his country to many victories. He has earned himself a lot of trophies and achievements. 

Here we prepare an article on Bernhardt for his fans. Here we will talk about his early life, how he made his career, how much are Bernhardt’s net worth, his social life of Bernhardt, Bernhardt wife’s and family, and some other facts that will help you to learn more about your favorite sportsman.

Name Jared Bernhardt
Date of Birth N/A
Birth PlaceN/A
Parents Jim and Catherine Bernhardt
ProfessionLacrosse Player
Current TeamMaryland 
AgeIn the Mid-20s
Height 6 ft. 1 inch
Weight 195 lbs
Net Worth Approximately 1 Million Dollars


The early life of Jared Bernhardt:

Jared Bernhardt is the son of Jim and Catherine Bernhardt. Bernhardt spends his childhood time with his two brothers. From school life, Bernhardt was very active in sports. He used to participate in all kinds of sports, especially he has a huge attraction to football. For a long time, Bernhardt wanted to be a footballer. He even purchased his football dream but he returned, we will talk about this below, in his career discussion session. 

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Bernhardt’s family has a huge influence on him. His family supported him and show the path of Lacrosse. His father especially helped him and inspired him a lot to go for it. Bernhardt’s father was also a Lacrosse and Football player. His whole family is in the Lacrosse game. Jared had two brothers, Jake and Jesse. Both of his brothers played Lacrosse for Maryland and also in the Major League Lacrosse and the Premier Lacrosse League.

Jared Bernhardt: Age, Height, Weight, and Net Worth
source: https://www.instagram.com/jaredbernhardt/

Jesse was one of the best defenders of his time, he won USILA All-American two times and in 2012 Jesse was the ACC Defender of the Year. Both of Bernhardt’s brothers are still involved with Lacrosse. Jesse is now the defensive coordinator for Maryland men’s Lacrosse and Jake is an assistant coach for Vermont men’s Lacrosse. 

So, you can imagine how Bernhardt came into Lacrosse and what was his source of inspiration. 

Net Worth of Jared Bernhardt:

Jared Bernhardt has made a huge fan base from all around the world. Plus, he has earned a good amount of money and wealth from his career. 

Bernhardt’s main source of income comes from his Lacrosse game. He gets paid a lot from his team and club. Another main source of income for Bernhardt comes from his sponsor company. He represents some famous companies and brands. 

Bernhardt also owns a great amount of property and fixed assets. He used to involve in some small businesses but not anymore, as much as we know now. 

Bernhardt’s total net worth is now approximately 1 million dollars. 

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Social Media of Jared Bernhardt:

Unlike most celebrities and people, Jared Bernhardt doesn’t get much involved with social media. He doesn’t like the idea of social media. Though he maintains a small personal account on Instagram and Twitter. Most of his posts and activities on social related to Lacrosse and football. If anyone visits his ID, then he or she can most certainly tell how much Bernhardt is into Lacrosse and his passion for the game. 

Wife/ Girlfriend/ Love Life of Jared Bernhardt:

Like in social media, Jared Bernhardt also likes to keep his life private. He doesn’t much talk about it or reveals his affair. There is not much information available about Bernhardt’s love life. He isn’t married that’s all we know and he is probably in a happy relationship with his girlfriends. 

The career of Jared Bernhardt:

Jared Bernhardt is surely the biggest star of Maryland. He was the main power of Maryland collegiate Lacrosse and later he was the team strength of Maryland’s Terrapins Men’s Lacrosse Team. Bernhardt was already a hit celebrity before joining the main professional team. Though his main career and becoming the world’s best player happens from Maryland’s Terrapins Men’s Lacrosse Team. In Maryland, they had a documentary on the whole journey of Bernhardt Lacrosse’s career. 

Bernhardt gained international fame and reputation after being named the most valuable player of the U-19 World Championships. He was gain enormous popularity after leading the USA team to the championship in 2016. 

During the lockdown, Bernhardt decided to quit Lacrosse and went to Ferris State, a University in Michigan, to play Division II football. But the season was canceled then, Bernhardt returned to Maryland and break all records as “Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year” 2021.

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