Best 3 Lacrosse Tips For Middies- Offense, Defense

When it comes to lacrosse, the midfield is the most important position. Whether it’s offense or defense or both sides of the ball, they’re largely responsible for the whole team. For being a successful midfielder, you need more speed, stamina, hustle, and determination. Take a look at these lacrosse tips for middies that can make you more efficient.

Lacrosse tips for middies will work well if you make yourself strong and ready for the field. When bad things happen in the field of lacrosse, it weakens you and leaves you behind. To get rid of bad performance in lacrosse, you need to care about your body. because Your body plays a vital role in lacrosse.

If you can define the problems correctly, you already have the solutions.

If you lack exercise, you might fall into too many problems in the field. You might feel weak and uncomfortable. Take all the essential steps of exercise to prepare yourself. And go through the lacrosse tips and techniques that experts do. Below, you will find some exercises that will make you strong and prepared.

Ski Squat Jump-Lateral Leg Raise: Do this exercise simply by bending the knees, rising back up, and lifting legs out to the side. It activates your muscles and develops stability to perform better in any circumstance.   

Single-Leg Bench Buck: This method strengthens your glute and speeds up your movements. In lacrosse, it will do the trick when you tend to move faster.

TRX alligator: This type of exercise strengthens your back and shoulder. If you take care of it at least 2 times a week, it will make you able to move fast in the lacrosse field. Furthermore, it helps you increase your stability.

Glute-Ham Raise: it’s an effective way to keep your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back strong. It develops endurance which is one of the most important facts in lacrosse.

Lying Abduction/Adduction: you can increase the strength of your glutes and lateral muscles in your hips. When it comes to changing the direction in the lacrosse field, this exercise increases your stability.

If you consider doing these exercises 2 or 3 times a week, you can consider yourself ready for lacrosse. Midfielders always have to be strong and prepared to score better.


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Three Keys To Becoming The Best Lacrosse Midfielder

1.  Focus On Your Legs

To be a good midfielder, you have to run fast and hard. That’s the reason why you should practice yourself. The more you run with taking essential techniques the more your legs become perfect. Stretch out your legs to be flexible. Practice every day so you never fall behind.

2.  Be A Tough Player

In lacrosse, it’s important to be intelligent and balanced.  We mean by tough is you have to take all the techniques and essential steps to win the game. You have to be dodgy when making a decision. No matter how strong the opponents are, if you can show your attitude, responsibility, and skill, it’s easy to win the game.  

3.   Increase Your Versatility

When you play in midfield, versatility is the key to attack, defense, dodge, and do more. If you play with versatility in mind, you will be able to take responsibilities all around the field. From picking a ball to shooting to running you need more clever steps to make a huge difference. 

Lacrosse Tips For Middies

To be a successful midfielder, you have to work with both attack and defense and move quickly. Most importantly, what they need is running. Also, you need to increase your endurance, work hard, and get the most time in the field.

You can play lacrosse all over the world provided you know where the goalposts are.

Peter Greenaway.

Lacrosse Dodges For Middies

Dodges are the techniques that midfielders acquire to attack, defense, and protect every step of the way. With dodging, you can avoid the opposing defenders and create a good shot for attacking right away.  A good midfielder needs to master dodging in order to score better and win the game. There are a couple of dodges you can look at.

The Bull dodge

Playing against defensemen is difficult But if you take bull dodge techniques — typically involve powering through the defender — you will be able to get shots immediately.

You should apply bull dodge when the opponents are smaller. Try to run over your opponent and use your weight and force to create separation for a shot. This is a very useful dodge to master in lacrosse.

The Split Dodge

Split dodge is the foundation of all dodges out there. In split dodge, you need to use switch hands across the body when the defender squared up for picking off the ball. Make sure you create a distance from your opponent to split and move. If you can run fast, split dodge is really a great technique to defeat the opponent.

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The Roll Dodge

The roll dodge is an effective way to avoid defenders and run straight towards the goalie. To apply this dodge, instead of facing, you need to turn back to your defender and roll out. This way, you can protect the stick using your own body and run fast without facing the defender.

The Face Dodge

This is another useful technique to defeat the defenseman and create a comfortable position to shoot. In face dodge, you should act as if you’re about to shoot. When the defenseman tens up a little bit, swing the stick across your body by sliding the same hands. Once this technique gets him away, move one step further and shoot. Make sure you apply this method as fast as possible on the run.

The Question Mark Dodge

If you are the midfielder who attacks rapidly, the question mark is ideal for you. To apply this dodge, you need to roll out in question mark shape. It means when you get to the spot, you roll out in a question mark shape, switch hands and try to get a quick shot off.

Best 3 Lacrosse Tips For Middies- Offense, Defense

Defensive Midfield Tips In Lacrosse

One-on-one defense is the major part for midfielders. The key to mastering defensive midfield is to look at the rules below.

Angle Of Approach

Typically the goal of the angel approach is to send the offensive man down the alley. You can weaken the attacker more by keeping him in the far corner of the field.

Close The Gap

This is a critical defensive approach you should consider throughout the game. Before the attackman beats you by dodging, close the gap, and get into him. When it comes to beating an attackman, good positioning is key to stopping him. So, keep making contact in a cross-check position to drive him down the alley.

Drive Down The Alley

The ultimate goal of playing the defensive midfield is to drive the attackman down the alley. You need to be as strong as possible to drive the defender.

Lacrosse Shooting Tips For Middies

Shooting determines how good you are at scoring. If you miss potential shots over and over again, it can feel embarrassing. However, shooting shouldn’t be as hard as it seems. If you want to be good at shooting, you need to learn the movements and fundamentals. Here are the lacrosse shooting tips for middies.

  • Shoot when you are free from a defender
  • Position the lacrosse stick that helps you aim and shoot.
  • Shoot on the run and make sure you are in control.
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Face-Off players make room for the whole team to score. Because they play in a dominant position. The goal of the face-off guy is to win possession of the ball. To be a great face-off player, you need to learn the proper techniques to handle a lacrosse stick. Place your right hand above the neck of the stick and your left hand in the middle of the stick. This way, you are more balanced and able to react quickly.  


Passing is the key to being a good midfielder. You should learn when and how to pass. You have to admit that every player wants to score and place himself over all of the players in the team. But passing the ball at the right time is worth more to the team. When it comes to passing, bring your top hand down to your bottom hand to create more energy and speed.

In passing, It’s important who you pass to. Try to pass your teammate who is moving towards the goalie. It’s about making a quick decision, so be confident here.

Final Words

Being a successful midfielder is worth more than any other player in the whole team. To be a great midfielder, you should learn lacrosse tips for middies and practice on your own. Develop the skills of running, dodging, shooting, and everything you need to be a good middie. Don’t forget to exercise and give your body more room to perform in the field of lacrosse.


How do I become a good midfielder in lacrosse?

A good midfielder should have confidence, strength, versatility, endurance, and intelligence. He also needs to master the techniques of the midfielder.

What do middies do in lacrosse?

Midfielders in lacrosse play on both sides of the ball and they have to move offense to defense quickly. Mostly what they do is run on both sides of the field in order to win possession, pass, shoot and ultimately score.

What is the most important position in lacrosse?

The midfield position is the most important position. Because who plays in midfield takes care of the whole team and strives to score better.

What is two-way midfielder lacrosse?

A two-way midfielder is the one who plays on both the offense and defense. A midfielder must have all-around skills including dodging, shooting, passing and more.

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