Ultimate Frisbee Throws: Perfecting Backhand, Forehand, And Hammer

Mastering the backhand, forehand, and hammer throws is essential for excelling in ultimate frisbee. Perfect these techniques to dominate the game.

Ultimate frisbee is a fast-paced and exhilarating sport that combines elements of american football, soccer, and basketball. The game is played with a flying disc, known as a frisbee, and teams compete to score points by passing the disc into the opposing team’s end zone.

While teamwork and strategy play crucial roles in successful gameplay, having well-executed throws is vital for effective offense and defense. In this article, we will delve into the three primary throws used in ultimate frisbee: the backhand, forehand, and hammer. By understanding and refining these techniques, you can significantly improve your performance on the field and become a formidable competitor.

Ultimate Frisbee Throws: Perfecting Backhand, Forehand, And Hammer

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Mastering The Backhand Throw

Mastering the backhand throw in ultimate frisbee requires understanding grip and stance techniques. Ensure a correct grip for optimal control, while maintaining a stable and powerful stance. Follow a step-by-step execution, starting with the right position and wrist alignment. Focus on footwork and weight transfer to generate power.

Extend your arm properly and release the frisbee with precision. To avoid common mistakes, refrain from overthrowing and lacking accuracy. Pay attention to grip and release inconsistencies. And remember to have sufficient follow-through for a successful backhand throw. Perfecting these techniques will enhance your performance in ultimate frisbee.

Dominating The Forehand Throw

The forehand throw in ultimate frisbee requires understanding disc placement for optimal performance. Finger positioning on the disc rim is crucial for a solid grip. Utilize the spin of the disc to ensure accuracy in your throws. Generating power through hip rotation allows for increased throwing speed.

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Incorporating wrist snap adds extra power to your release. Perfect your throw by focusing on correct arm motion and follow-through. Aim for accurate disc placement to achieve the desired trajectory. Troubleshoot common errors like disc wobble and lack of control.

Address grip problems to prevent disc slippage during throws. Mastering the forehand throw is essential for dominating in ultimate frisbee.

Unleashing The Hammer Throw

Unleashing the hammer throw requires a firm grasp of the technique. Start by positioning your hand properly on the disc to ensure a solid grip. Understand the arc and trajectory by practicing throws at various angles. Strengthen your arm and build power through targeted exercises.

Develop throwing muscles with dedicated training tips. Utilize core strength to add distance to your throws. Master the release by generating spin and stability. Practice accurate target placement to enhance your accuracy. Troubleshoot problems like disc flutter and instability. Overcome wind resistance challenges with subtle adjustments.

By perfecting the hammer throw, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in ultimate frisbee.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Ultimate Frisbee Throws: Perfecting Backhand, Forehand, And Hammer

How Do You Grip A Frisbee For A Backhand Throw?

To grip a frisbee for a backhand throw, place your index finger on the edge of the frisbee with your thumb on top. Curl your other fingers around the underside of the disc. This grip allows for better control and spin when throwing.

What Is A Forehand Throw In Ultimate Frisbee?

A forehand throw, also known as a flick, is when the frisbee is released with a sidearm motion. It involves holding the disc with your thumb on top and fingers curled underneath. The forehand throw is useful for throwing accurately and quickly in tight spaces or against the wind.

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How Can I Improve My Hammer Throw In Ultimate Frisbee?

To improve your hammer throw in ultimate frisbee, focus on your grip and wrist snap. Hold the disc with your thumb on top and fingers curled underneath, like a forehand grip. When releasing, snap your wrist forcefully to generate spin and accuracy.

Practicing this technique regularly will enhance your hammer throws.


Mastering the throws in ultimate frisbee is crucial for success on the field. With dedicated practice and proper technique, players can perfect their backhand, forehand, and hammer throws. The backhand throw allows for accurate and controlled passes, while the forehand provides speed and distance.

The hammer throw adds a unique and unexpected element to the game. Remember to focus on grip, wrist motion, and body positioning for each throw. Developing strength and flexibility in your throwing arm is also essential. Regularly practicing these throws will not only improve your game but also help you become a valuable asset to any ultimate frisbee team.

Keep in mind that perfecting these throws takes time and patience. With determination and consistency, you can become a skilled thrower and elevate your performance in this exhilarating sport.

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